Naav Subsector in the Spica Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_a   SECTOR: Spica
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Meridian      0102 E550887-5    Po De              135 So
Naav          0103 A53288B-B  G Na Po Cp           114 So
Skyserpentine 0106 E6A2300-8    Fl Lo Ni           711 So
Feldon        0107 C9A4121-9    Fl Lo Ni           704 So
Elk Grove     0108 B597550-9    Ag Ni              300 So
Grimaldi      0109 C550240-8    Lo Ni Po De        704 So
Antairtic     0202 B3018BE-7    Na Va Ic           920 So
Nadir         0204 A522420-A    Lo Ni Po           900 So
Craterville   0208 E731268-6    Lo Ni Po O:0204    925 So
New Colchis   0209 C3337AB-6    Na Po              314 So
700-210       0210 E211000-0    Ba Ic              003 So
Dandee        0307 B674424-8    Lo Ni Tp           303 So
Nagg'Astphay  0309 C42287A-6    Na Po              702 So
Clan McCracken0401 A4545A9-B    Ag Ni              703 So
Spairn        0405 B358698-6  G Ag Ni              702 So
Altus III     0502 B4508CD-8    Po De              510 So
Lowell        0507 B411646-A    Na Ni Ic           104 So
Innerlocken   0509 D233159-9    Lo Ni Po           501 So
Talbot        0601 C301678-6    Na Ni Va Ic        300 So
Shelby        0602 E899212-6    Lo Ni Tp           320 So
Milano        0608 C475851-5                       504 So
Ben Gunn      0610 E572875-3                       310 So
Turaak        0701 C201632-A    Na Ni Va Ic        900 Na
Transitaal    0710 B47A440-A  G Lo Ni Wa           904 So
Hyborea       0803 A54699C-A  F Hi In              403 Na

A = Navy & Scout Bases
D = Naval Depot
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
L = Federation Navy Base
E = Fed. Embassy Center
M = Fed. Military Base
F = Fed. Military&Navy Base
G = Solomani Navy Base

Hv = Hive Federation 
Hf = Fed. Develop. Agency 
Xf = FDA world outside of HF
H* = Star Patterns Trading
Hi = Six Eyes Nest
Un = Unpopulated
Cs = Client State
Na = Non-aligned
So = Solomani Confederation

Naav Subsector

Dominated by the Solomani Confederation with its subsector Capital at Naav (0103), this subsector was formally annexed by the Confederation after the Hive Federation's expansion within the sector. It has had settlements since Second Imperium times and saw development during the Long Night that other areas had not. Ben Gunn (0610) is the home to a minor human race whose appendix is required to regulate the diet consisting of their world's native flora and fauna. For other humans, it would be difficult. The Bengunni's as they are known also have nictitating membranes which may protect their eyes from the major sandstorms which are seasonal on Ben Gunn. The name for them and their world is a reference for their relative backward tech level. Milano (0608) had been home to a race whose priorities focused on topics of philosophic interest and ethical behavior. The self-labeled Shan attempted to cope with the Solomani expansion into Spica with a program of passive disobedience. The last Shan became extinct in the latter part of A.D. 5549 (1031 Imperial). The fact the present-day Clan elder of Clan McCracken (0401) is a woman, her name Dana McCracken, makes their world a local favorite vacation spot for Gurvin members of the Hive Federation. The Gurvin, themselves matriarchal, find the McCrackens a noticeable exception to most human worlds. The space habitat of Nagg'Astphay (0309) is quite a marvel to behold. The planet is theoretically the home of the Nagg'Ast, but there is no proof. As far as anyone knows, the habitat is non-mobile and remains in position because of its location in the planet's trailing Trojan point.

The Naav Subsector contains 25 systems with a known population of 7.549 billion sapients. The highest population known is 4.00 billion at Hyborea. The highest Tech Level known is B at Naav and Clan McCracken. The best Starports known are Type-A at Naav, Nadir, Clan McCracken, and Hyborea.

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