Tansa Subsector in the Gushemege Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_D   SECTOR: gush
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Kell          2501 C76A830-B    Wa              A  702 Im
Sayayr        2502 D73579D-4                       210 Im
Bradt Landing 2503 C8B9124-9    Lo Ni Fl           823 Im
Routeburn     2504 C370512-8    Ni De              301 Im
Shiramuunir   2507 C444AC8-F  S Hi In              431 Im     f
Jonosva       2509 B9C7867-9  N Fl                 603 Im     f
Ellje         2609 B7A6527-B    Ni Fl              815 Im
Tosiv         2610 D525545-8    Ni                 110 Im
Fubanan       2701 AA9A432-E  N Ni Wa              300 Im
Kyla          2704 BA7A222-B  N Lo Ni Wa           300 Im     f
Xenicus       2705 BAE4652-9  S Ni Fl              104 Im
Sinish Giken  2706 C331677-A    Na Ni Po           920 Im
Hunnan        2707 E36079B-5    Ri De              303 Im
Minev         2709 C340355-8    Lo Ni Po De        604 Im
Aakmi         2801 C7657A8-9    Ag                 200 Im
Trindewranda  2802 B222588-A    C1 Ni Po           303 Im
Giikika       2804 C544676-5    Ag Ni              410 Im
Sahee         2806 E96A645-6    Ni Ri Wa           702 Im     f
Ka Maz        2807 X380464-5    Ni De           R  104 Im     f
Luuen         2809 B321400-F  N Ni Po              904 Im
Mekar         2810 A584578-C    Ag Ni              900 Im
Pucuro        2904 E642678-5    Ni Po           A  201 Im
Beheld        2905 C257523-C    Ag Ni              814 Im
Tasazhas      2906 C898553-9  S Ag Ni              711 Im
Lishan        2907 B310989-F    Hi Na In           513 Im
Muidmu        2910 AAE7379-F  N Lo Ni Fl           500 Im
Fuqui         3002 C533689-6    C0 Na Ni Po        700 Im     f
Nyamuleju     3003 D1405A8-B    Ni Po De           304 Im
Raoh          3004 B555765-B  N Ag                 400 Im
Upaniv        3006 B56749B-A    Ni                 503 Im
Ivahllo       3007 C756300-8    Lo Ni              800 Im
Suhho         3008 C300112-C    Lo Ni Va           903 Im
Mizorskua'mr  3009 C553461-A  S C1 Ni Po           502 Im     f
Inkia         3101 C7A4789-6    Fl                 510 Im
Yta Akat      3103 X8B0564-4    Ni De           R  203 Im     f
Tullyree      3104 D235515-6    Ni                 304 Im
Kukhun        3105 B658997-E  A Hi Cp              503 Im     m
Aphu          3106 C7A5644-6    Ni Fl              725 Im
Llaet         3107 D587100-A  S Lo Ni              411 Im     f
Urssursfa'    3110 C56547A-9    Ni                 803 Im
Kumkhap       3202 E78A564-6    Ni Wa              502 Im
Miha          3203 A779143-F  A Lo Ni              112 Im     m
Bearnagh      3205 C643576-9  S Ni Po              923 Im
Hillalk       3206 C100796-9    Na Va              305 Im
Chzaar        3208 A638789-C                       824 Im     f
Sadetha       3210 C504443-9    C0 Ni Va Ic        624 Im

N = Naval Base
D = Naval Depot
S = Scout Base
W = Way Station
A = Navy & Scout Bases
B = Navy & Way Station

Im = Imperial
Ch = Chirper
Dr = Droyne
Na = Non-aligned
Cs = Client State

Tansa Subsector Summary HD 3412 Date: 910804 -- by David Burden

This document presents a brief look at Tansa subsector. It is a companion of HD3406, "Taapvaia Subsector Summary" and will eventually form part of the Gushemege Sector Supplement. The information presented is dated 001-1116.


Tansa Subsector ( Subsector D of Gushemege ) lies at the heart of the Lancian Cultural Region. The Lancian Culture permeates almost every world of the Subsector. The Lancian homeworld of Kukhun lies here. Other centres of Lancian culture are at Raoh and Shiramuunir. Tansa was badly effected by the Vilani Pacification Campaign and the worlds of Kyla and Miha still bare the scars of that bloody war. Following the Campaign Makhidkarun resettled many worlds in the Subsector that had been Lancian power-bases; worlds such as Beheld, Lishan and Sinish Giken.

The S'mrii culture of Dagudashaag settled three worlds of the Subsector: Miz*rskua'mr, Urssursfa', and Chzaar, and the S'mrii can be found on many others. The S'mrii's immediate influence extends out to Ivahllo and Bearnagh. The S'mrii and Kukhunen found themselves allies from earliest times in a joint struggle against Vilani oppression over 4000 years ago. This alliance was forged again between the S'mrii and the Lancians after the Long Night in the struggle against Imperial expansion which resulted in the Pacification Campaigns. The greatest fruit of co-operation between the two races has however been in the fields of cybertechnology and nanotechnology. The S'mrii are the inventors and the Lancian's the designers and marketeers.

Trading centres around the agricultural worlds of the Beheld cluster and the industrial worlds of Shiramuunir and Lishan. The Gushemege Main and the Oulpath both run through the subsector, radiating from Kukhun to Shiramuunir in the former case, and to Muidmu in the latter.

The desert world of Ka Maz carries Red Zone status due to the long lasting effects of a water bonding agent released during the Pacification Campaign. The agent, known as Khiizud, turned all the free water on the planet into crystals. The remaining inhabitants of the planet survive mostly in underground settlements and travel the surface in stillsuits. Yta Akat also carries the Red caveat. Yta Akat is the homeworld of the Lumu, one of the few minor races that has evolved in a corrosive atmosphere.

Sahee and Jonosva are examples of Lancian worlds where local conditions have effected Lancian art and way of life. Jonosva's methane/ammonia hydrosphere and its towering ice mountains have inspired a unique style in Lancian architecture. Towering crystal structures are the order of the day, contrasted to the dark of the insiduous flows. On the waterworld of Sahee Lancian aquaculture is at its finest. Surface and under-water floating habitats are a miracle of design. The world-ocean also permeates the thinking of the Sahee, whose society is more uniform and flowing than on many other Lancian worlds.

The scout base on Llaet was established in 837 to study the Oniinn. The Oniinn are one of the largest creatures ever discovered, being many kilometres across. They resemble giant turtles, floating in the shallows of Llaet's seas. For many centuries they were not even recognised as animals. Llaet is now the focus of much xenobiological research into "macro-life".

Tansa Subsector contains 46 worlds with a total population of 60 billion. The highest population is 45 billion at Shiramuunir; the highest tech level is F at Shiramuunir, Luuen, Lishan, Muidmu, and Miha. The average tech level is 9.

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