Three Spheres Subsector in the Spica Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_f   SECTOR: Spica
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Wargast       0913 B21185A-D    Na Ic An           700 Na
Devitrific    0914 C150526-7    Ni Po De           810 Na
Juess         0917 E7409EC-9    Hi In Po De        900 So
Kashaharun    1014 D6888DE-2    Tp                 810 Na
Tobken        1016 D100500-8    Ni Va              102 So
Stronghold    1017 B326558-E  G Ni                 325 So
Issachar      1019 C301684-7    Na Ni Va Ic        210 So
Farihna       1020 C552213-4    Lo Ni Po           204 So
Bevin         1111 B4329CA-D  F Na Hi Po           714 Na
Circassia     1116 C201885-9    Na Va Ic           613 So
Rhiza         1120 E264442-4    Lo Ni              100 So
Holy Place    1211 C6A5321-6    Fl Lo Ni Nh     A  103 Xh
Hale          1212 C796852-6    Tp                 400 Na
Talmud        1216 C346105-7    Lo Ni              910 Na
Lupine        1219 C241442-A    Lo Ni Po           214 So
Sephor        1311 C444336-A    Lo Ni              402 Na
Lucullan      1318 B7975AB-A    Ag Ni Tp           400 Na
Quatre        1319 B543965-A    Hi In Po O:1818    114 Hv
Distal        1416 B241223-8    Lo Ni Po           720 Na
Duomo         1417 D5328DE-5    Na Po              903 Na
Sabbatha      1517 E745500-7    Ag Ni Tp           300 Na
Diva          1519 E598403-B    Lo Ni              814 Hv
Albumena      1613 EAE9313-7    Lo Ni              303 Na
Antilles      1616 B769522-A    Ni Tp              204 Hv
Halderaan     1617 E200222-7    Lo Ni Va           204 Na
Parathos III  1618 A89A557-C    Ni Wa              800 Na

A = Navy & Scout Bases
D = Naval Depot
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
L = Federation Navy Base
E = Fed. Embassy Center
M = Fed. Military Base
F = Fed. Military&Navy Base
G = Solomani Navy Base

Hv = Hive Federation 
Hf = Fed. Develop. Agency 
Xf = FDA world outside of HF
H* = Star Patterns Trading
Hi = Six Eyes Nest
Un = Unpopulated
Cs = Client State
Na = Non-aligned
So = Solomani Confederation

Three Spheres Subsector Due to the confluence of the Solomani Confederation, the Hive Federation and the Independent systems, this subsector bears the name Three Spheres. No Capitals are found here. The only type-A starport in the Subsector is at Parathos III (1618) which is tech 12. The Solomani administer their four coreward-most systems from Tupindur subsector at Crown (0315) and their four rimward-most systems from Boreal subsector at Boreal (0623). The Hiver systems here are administered from a Frontier District Capital in the Farbor subsector at Pilza (1922). These special administrative centers, the other two in the sector are Pihras (2621) and Damol II (1831), are indicated by the "Fd" designations in the notes of their data entries. Prior to the Solomani Rim War, the subsector had been named Cheevers, after Franklin Cheevers, the first Terran scout to meet a Hiver, while in the far reachs of the sector at Momentory (2632). It was a long-range, longshot mission of a single soon-to-be Hiver Manipulator, who later received the title M.Humanus, traveling with some Hiver and non-Hiver volunteers. The Emperor Lucullus VIII runs a strict yet gentle regime on Lucullan (1318). It is claimed that his line traces as far back as Hiroshi II. There are no undisputable records which may prove or, at the same time, disprove this claim. The participatory democracy of Sabbatha (1517) fell into chaos recently when John Sabbat, the colony's founder and leading demagogue, was assassinated. The Solomani have recently tried to stir up anti-Hiver sentiment and blame. The Hivers have responded suggesting it all to be a SolSec plot. Only the assassin "may" know for sure. It is certain that nobody embroiled in the anarchy of Sabbatha knows today. Juess (0917) has a somewhat dark and embarrassing past which resulted in the present-day worship of Robots. After a disastrous internecine struggle for power, resulting in the balkanization of the world, the inhabitants' knowledge of advanced technologies was lost. Ultimately, the world re-united under the autocracy of its religion. Since Juess is a High population desert world with needed scarce resources, the remnant robots are revered as planetary "Providers" and "Life-Givers". They are carefully tended to by a priestly class which has little real understanding of the technology driving the robots. On the few occasions when one of these robots ceases to function, the "death" of that god is mourned, and citizens may be offered as sacrifices to appease the other gods. (Holy Place) (1211) is the homeworld of the race the Hivers call the (Alphaomega), the best transliteration possible from Sign/Gurvin. The world's name is a translation from the Gurvin language, translated further still into Galangic, hence (). They are actually two races with a distant common ancestry that evolved on this planet with a Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Carbon Dioxide atmosphere. Kashaharun (1014) is the site of the sector's only Vilani population. They were self-exiles from the First Imperium after the Eigth Interstellar War. As residents of Alpha Leonis, they were the few who could foresee the ultimate outcome of the conflict, and thusly fled to Spica sector. They have kept their secret well from the Solomani.

The Three Spheres Subsector contains 26 systems with a known population of 21.626 billion sapients. The highest population known is 9.18 billion at Juess. The highest Tech Level known is E at Stronghold. The best Starport known is Type-A at Parathos III.

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