Osiris Deep Subsector in the Ley Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_h  SECTOR: ley
#Jump Routes

#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- --
Menlanis      2513 E310547-7    Ni                 201 Na
Shenidar      2611 C687789-7  S Ri Ag              100 Cs
Anaharan      2616 CAB8213-A    Ni                 200 Na
Fenrir        2813 E222665-8    Ni                 500 Na
Zapotec       2818 C000654-A    As                 601 Na
Shantunia     2916 C000545-A    As                 201 Na
Rifward       3019 DA9A213-9    Ni                 100 Na
Amycus        3115 X324000-0    Ba                 000 Na
Kei           3119 X210000-0    Ba                 001 Na
Tichum        3215 D435234-9    Ni                 901 Na

A = Navy & Scout Bases
N = Naval Base
S = Scout Base
2 = Navy & Scout Bases

Im = Imperial
Sy = Sydymic Empire
Cs = Client State
Na = Non-aligned

Osiris Deep Subsector ---------------------

Located in the Lesser Rift, the Osiris Deep subsector is administered from Starbridge. None of the worlds in this region are members of the Imperium although Shanidar has made an application. Scoutships based a Shanidar maintain a watch throughout the subsector, though little activity other than mining goes on. Forerunner artifacts have recently been found in this region, prompting the local Imperial beauracracy to order a thorough re-survey of the subsector.

The Osiris Deep subsector contains 10 worlds with a total population of 10.48 million. The highest population is 7, at Shenidar; the highest tech level is A, at Anaharan, Zapotec, and Shantunia.

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