Argi Subsector in the Dagudashaag Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: sec_N   SECTOR: dagudash.sec
# Trade routes within the subsector
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Liishuga      0931 D66388C-7  S Ri                 200 Im     f
Sii           0932 B888540-A  S Ag Ni              312 Im     f
Mishu         0933 BAD1348-A    Lo Ni Fl           603 Im     f
Akiva         0935 A98A869-D  N Ri Wa              105 Im     f
Abbavi        0936 C682343-8    Lo Ni              804 Im     f
Uaam          0940 A579546-E    Ni                 814 Im     m
Shidka        1032 B564688-8    C0 Ag Ni Ri     A  901 Im     f
Khulim        1039 B354410-D  N Ni                 824 Im     f
Lushanuma     1040 D225545-7  S Ni                 613 Im     f
Adakhem       1134 C434214-D    Lo Ni              103 Im     f
Gukhemuuka    1138 D464268-A  S Lo Ni              904 Im     f
Umri          1234 D9C4869-9  S Fl                 501 Im     f
Rashiki       1235 A678455-C    Ni                 823 Im     f
Gateway       1331 B98A654-D  N Ni Ri Wa           701 Im     m
Ashmasa       1333 D250741-7    Po De              104 Im     f
Kiirishi      1335 C6A4223-B    Lo Ni Fl           104 Im     f
Luushama      1336 C585504-B    Ag Ni              102 Im     f
Arlu          1339 AA8A520-D  N Ni Wa              404 Im     f
Argi          1431 A330ACC-F  N Hi Na Po De        904 Im     f
Lumnu         1432 C568101-A  S Lo Ni              711 Im     f
Gigi          1433 A693214-E  N Lo Ni              300 Im     f
Shabamiir     1437 C7C1442-B  S Ni Fl              100 Im     f
Ur            1532 B400551-F    Ni Va              504 Im     f
Miir          1534 A65A687-F    Ni Wa              224 Im     f
Aiish         1535 C201458-E  S Ni Va Ic           604 Im     f
Zalaana       1537 C410322-B  S Lo Ni              302 Im     f
Muukhim       1538 D97A400-A  S Ni Wa              923 Im     f
Sharaa        1539 C232563-9  S Ni Po              303 Im     f
Gaesh         1631 B4946AB-8    Ag Ni              204 Im     f
Anomaly       1633 C9E7366-C  S Lo Ni Fl           812 Dr     f
Sh'si         1635 A354476-F    Ni                 413 Im     f
Shulasgu      1636 C130327-B  S Lo Ni Po De        610 Im     f
Zish          1638 D2106B9-8  S Na Ni              413 Im     f
Lenashuuk     1640 A7A8A76-F  W Hi Fl           A  400 Im     f

N = Navy
S = Scout
A = Navy & Scout
M = Planetary Guard

Im = Imperial
St = Strephon's Worlds
Fi = Federation of Ilelish
Li = Lucan's Imperium
Dr = Droyne
Na = Non-aligned
Cs = Client State

The Argi subsector (N) is an important industrial centre, and communications link - the Dagudashaag Main covers the trailward half of the region, and the waystation at Lenashuuk/Argi handles a great deal of traffic between Dagudashaag and Zarushagar. All of the more highly-populated systems in the trailward region were settled during the rule of the First Imperium. The Dagudashaag Main, having been heavily settled for such a long time, is a technologically-advanced region - most of the systems between Gateway/Argi and Durgaruur/Sapphyre are at or above TL13. The coreward tip of the Nimluin cluster, part of which falls in Argi subsector, is a rich agricultural region.

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