Ishigisi Subsector in the Gashikan Sector

@SUB-SECTOR: Ishigisi SECTOR: Gashikan
#PlanetName   Loc. UPP Code   B   Notes         Z  PBG Al LRX *
#----------   ---- ---------  - --------------- -  --- -- --- -
Khikhakam     0121 D565972-8  S Hi                 703 Ga
Liizakum      0122 D342001-5    Lo Ni Po           302 Ga
Amlizigar     0123 B7859A8-C  N Hi                 204 Ga
Gisu          0124 A432533-C  N Ni Po              314 Ga
Ipardiri      0129 D11066A-8  S Na Ni              715 Ga
Lagudishur    0221 C2616AB-6    Ni                 203 Ga
Iisilish      0222 B564787-7    Ag Ri              211 Ga
Mikhu         0223 D350831-5  S De Po              904 Ga
Ekkhi         0225 A86A98D-8    Hi Wa              904 Ga
Akur          0321 C978621-8  S Ag Ni              313 Ga
Ilar          0322 B4257AE-A  S                    925 Ga
Shigakdarur   0323 E688340-5    Lo Ni              703 Ga
Kaasham       0324 C320669-5    De Na Ni Po        110 Ga
Uugkakapalu   0326 B66458B-6    Ag Ni              203 Ga
Aala          0421 E4419B8-8    Lo Ni Po           203 VQ
Umimasiir     0422 D210838-5    Lo Ni              504 VQ
Kikusharde    0424 B688874-A  N Ri                 414 Ga
Kadalikhi     0426 D656514-4  S Ag Ni              923 Ga
Ladi          0427 C684689-7    Ag Ni Ri           702 Ga
Irkigika      0429 C311765-5    Ic Na              224 Ga
Giinashsa     0522 B351938-9  N Po                 904 VQ
Arshe         0523 C330858-8  S De Na Ni Po        624 VQ
Inluraamge    0525 E448450-5    Ni                 314 Ga
Shidii        0528 C84A200-9    Lo Ni Wa           800 Ga
Dukhur        0530 D365389-4    Lo Ni              625 Ga
Shilikedi     0621 C98A698-8  S Ni Ri Wa           400 Ga
Akhikirimgu   0622 A100741-C  N Na Va              804 Ga
Igepmagagi    0623 A3136AA-C  N Ic Na Ni           613 Ga
Ugmiguli      0625 E9A2889-3    Fl                 402 Ga
Uumikha       0626 C000104-9    As Lo Ni           803 Ga
Kinkadka      0627 C97A025-8  S Lo Ni Wa           413 Ga
Ukhikidir     0629 A799361-C  N Lo Ni              504 Ga
Ligar         0630 A87A475-C    Ni Wa              913 Ga
Aguudguka     0722 C240540-7  S De Ni Po           320 Ga
Shaazan       0725 C34099C-9    De Hi In Po        900 Ga
Gamkham       0726 C667879-5  S Ri                 104 Ga
Likharkiima   0729 X100655-4    Na Ni Va           313 Ga
Amiinsuuraa   0822 C231555-C  S Ni Po              900 Ga
Imgingikud    0826 B9A7648-A  2 Fl Ni              300 Ga
Irkasikisu    0829 C673734-6                       603 Ga
Khasmikika    0830 B768436-8  N Ni                 704 Ga

N = Navy
S = Scout
2 = Navy & Scout

Na = Non-aligned
Ga = Third Empire of Gashikan
Jm = Julian Prot (Cmnwlth of Mendan)
VN = Drr'lana Network
VQ = Union of Yoetyqq

Ishigisi Subsector ------------------

The Union of Yoetyqq is a Vargr "homeland" polity totally dominated by the Third Empire of Gashikan. All military capability is in the hands of Gashikan humans, as is all interstellar capability operating to worlds outside the Union. The few in-Union starships that are permitted are secondhand and substandard, with crushing mortgages and restricted availability of parts.

The Union government, and all of the planetary governments, are directly monitored by Humans assigned by the Empire; this is generally perceived as a punishment posting, and as a result, the assigned monitors are often cruel and/or uncaring, enforcing Empire policy without regard for the well-being of the governed. The result is frequent uprisings which are bloodily put down by the Human military units stationed in the Union (which are also often perceived as punishment postings).

Technological progress is strictly controlled; no imports of TL greater than 9 are permitted, and local technological development beyond TL8 is forbidden on three of the four worlds in the Union; on Giinashsa, the "capital", some development into TL9 is permitted to allow limited maintenance of the few starships permitted the Union.

The Empire also uses the Union as a dumping ground for some Vargr criminals, often after lobotomizing them into idiocy. As a result, all of the worlds have comparatively high populations with low economic productivity; the standard of living for most residents of the Union is often barely above the minimum for sustaining life.

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