Negril WriteUp

World: Negril
Subsector: Mandin
Sector: Crucis Margin
Coordinates: 0120 (E0110)
UWP: C652593-A

Allegiance: Mandanin Co-Dominion
Trade Codes: Ni
Travel Zone: Green

Somewhat of a backwater planet, the 9840 kilometer diameter world is the third
in the system. Two smaller airless rocks occupy the inner orbits and have only
automated communications beacons on them. An outer pair of Gas Giants complete
the system. A small mining station is located on one of the moons of the larger
larger Gas giant. The primary products of Negril are the refined heavy metals
mined here. Large quantities of special biological products are also shipped.
Several popular spices are gathered from the Krasmaya species of forest shrub.
It has not proved practical to cultivate this shrub so the product is obtained
by gathering teams which rove in ATV's towing a processing trailer. Periodic
Air Raft visits are made to collect the refined spices. The salt seas serve as
a preserve or reservation for certain religious colonies of Danin which wander
the shores living on large rafts. Other religious colonies live as herding
Nomads on the extensive plains raising vast herds of Grazers. The seasonal
ritualised confrontation between the Water Folk and the Herd People provides
an occasion for trading and feasting as well as welcome entertainment to the
Miners and Gatherers. Major civil administrators are appointed by the
Co-Dominion Senate. Negril elects its Senator every five years and otherwise
pays little attention to interstellar politics. The demand for its major
products is stable. Society is quite conservative and tradition conscious.
Military forces on the planet are few, consisting of a courier or two and a
refuelling station. All citizens undergo a six month basic military training
and then are transferred to the active reserve of the Planetary Defence Forces.

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