Cytrial WriteUp


The homeworld of a dead race.

The Cytrialins gave the universe a great gift along the lines of
the Tao or Confucious. The planet's race is extinct, but thier
teachings live on in the Cytrialin Unity of the Lemura (Teg and Gav).
Politically independent from the Imperium, the Cytrialin Unity
sits at the border of the Hinterworlds and Leonidae sectors. It spans
58 worlds with its TL14 culture.
Books of the Cytrialin--a collection of passages and phrases
which detail the outlook of the Lamura races.
Cytrialin is described not as religion, but a philosophy of life
devoid of strict dogma, ceremony, or supernatural deities.
They view the universe as an open cycle of resources,
with each aspect being part of the greater whole.

Physical Data
G: 1.08 Day: 45.607 hrs Year: 1,312.511 days
Atmo: 1.1 Natural Weather
Temp: 51.113 (72 to 2) (Season 91 to -27)
Cytrial has a diameter of 8,700 miles (13,920 km), with a Molten Core
It has a mass of 1.367 terra and a density of 0.96 terra, giving a
gravity of 1.08 terra. The Primary Star stellar mass is 1.7 sol. The
orbital distance is 2.8 AU and the orbital period is 1,312.511 standard
days. The rotation period is 45.607 standard hours. The axial tilt is
6 degrees. The orbital eccentricity is 0.0. The seismic stress factor
is 0.0. The atmosphere composition is a Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix,
with pollutants taint and the surface atmospheric pressure is 1.1 atm.
The hydrographic percentage is 52%. The hydrographic composition is
tainted liquid water. The number of tectonic plates is 1. Hydrographic,
Terrain, and Albedo terraforming has occurred. There are 5 major
continents, 9 minor continents, 10 major islands and 7 archipelagoes.

SATELLITE DETAILS: Satellite 1: UWP:Y400000-0, Orbit: 8
Satellite 2: UWP:Y400100-F, Orbit: 125

Political Data
The total world population is 1,297,372,060. There are 4 primary cities:
Starport and spaceport details for the primary cities are A/A/B/B.
Orbital cities are present. The population are Conservative, Indifferent,
Unaggressive, Peaceable, Harmonious, and Aloof. There are 6 customs:
Unusual significance of art/Military figures.
Eat with unusual utensils/Medical figures.
Unusual training required for.../Certain races.
Child named for hero/All population.
Unusual responsibilities/Certain political groups.
Communal polygamy practiced/All population.
Legal 8-6AB9A


Resources: 7
Labor: 8
Infrastructure: D
Culture: 8
Planetary Demand: 12 RA
Resource Trade: 9 Deficit
Base Gross World Product: 208.0 RU
Final Gross World Product: 222.6365 RU
Taxation Rate: 46%
Government Budget: 102.4128 RU
Civilian Expenses: 34.3032 RU


System Defense Boat Squadrons: 20
Number of Starship Squadrons: 3



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