Asimikigir WriteUp

Asimikigir (Julian/Amdukan 0223)
A684AE7-E F Hi Cx 300
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Asimikigir Confed.)

Asimikigir is the capital of the Asimikigir Confederation and of the Julian
Protectorate as a whole. The effect of this status on the world itself is
minimal; both the Protectorate and the Confederation have weak central
governments, with a high degree of autonomy of the member states.

More important to the world is the fact that the Menderes Corporations are
headquartered here. The Menderes Corporations have a major influence on
the economy of the Protectorate through widespread commercial activity;
their social policies, while dismissed by corporate management as merely
"sound business practice", are both the model for and the foundation of
Human/Vargr relationships throughout the Protectorate.

The Menderes family has shown a high level of both business and political
acumen; the last word with respect to Menderes Corporation business activity
is always from a member of the family, and since the founding of the Julian
Protectorate by Julian Menderes, no Regent of the Protectorate has been from
outside the Menderes family, nor has there been any significant attempts at

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