Ock WriteUp

Ock A9A8855-E A Cp Fl -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Ock was fortunate enough during the Long Night to retain a good deal of
its technological base. It used this technology to conquer several
of the surrounding systems, including Harsanyi, Zouo, Shorne, & Ulm.
Along with Campany and Lancess, both of which acknowledged Ockian supremacy
and joined its empire peacefully, these worlds make up "the Ock Ring of
Worlds," which allows not only a circular trade route but also a easy
route for the Ock fleet to patrol. When the Solomani Confederation was
established, Ock was granted the status of subsector capital in recognition
of its power in the region. In return, Ock has given its allegiance to
the Confederation, although it remains independent enough of the Secretariat
that it is still virtually an independent empire.

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