Rill WriteUp

World: Rill
Subsector: Piute
Sector: Crucis Margin
Coordinates: 0234 (M0204)
UWP: A879778-C

Allegiance: Non-aligned
Trade Codes: None
Travel Zone: Green

A Non-aligned planet, Rill is the fourth in a system of eight. Three minor
rocks orbit closer to the sun. An Asteroid Belt, a Gas Giant, and two more
minor rocks complete the system. Settled centuries ago by refugees from a
system taken over by the Rm Nai, the populace is not wanting to be absorbed by
that state again. Unfortunately the Mandanin are not popular either and no
consensus has been achieved. Each of the major islands is a political entity
unto itself and tends to bicker continuously with its neighbours. No one ever
actually fights each other but a lot of continuous argument goes on. Sea
products provide most of the food. Some mining goes on and a modest industrial
base exists. A small Starship Yard subsists mainly on overhaul and repair
contracts for the ships of surrounding Non-aligned systems.
A small tourist industry is supported by "Big Game Fishermen". Some of the
predator species in the oceans of Rill are truly formidable. Some are even
rumoured to have glands whose secretion can be processed into an anagathic drug.

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