Marhaban WriteUp

Marhaban (Lentuli/Empty Quarter 0426)
A4697DG-E Cp 801
Allegiance: Imperial

Marhaban is the homeworld of the Bwaps or Newts, a minor alien species
that resemble Terrestrial salamanders more than anything else. Newts
are regarded as bureaucrats par excellance, and have been since the
days of the Vilani Imperium.

The typical Newt is about 1.4m in height, and masses anywhere from 30
to 50kg. They prefer environments of extremely high humidity,
experiencing various levels of discomfort as the humidity drops below
98%. In humidity of less than 25%, a sealed environment suit is
required for the Newt to survive; at higher humidities, it will
generally suffice for a Newt to wear special garments designed to keep
their skin moist.

Newts range in color from yellow-green through green, blue, and brown;
each individual Newt has a unique pattern of body markings, generally
in a darker shade of their basic body color. In areas of the skin that
lack intense coloring, the Newt has a bluish cast, due to blood whose
oxygen transporting compound is more analogous to hemocyanin than
hemoglobin, being based on copper instead of iron.

Newts are viewed by other species as being obsessed with order and
propriety; a Newt takes literally the proverbial phrase 'a place for
everything and everything in its place', going to great lengths to
ensure that everything is 'just so' and as it should be. Trying to
rush a Newt, or encourage one to take 'shortcuts', is quite definitely
counterproductive, and will often earn a long lecture on the
proprieties of the situation.

Newt social interactions center around their basic philosophy, which is
an extension of 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.
Much of their time is spent discussing their place in the cosmos, and
ascertaining the place in the cosmos of the other. It is their
'obsession' with this philosophy that makes them excellent candidates
for any job that requires painstaking care; Newts are found not only as
bureaucrats, but as accountants, historians, and scientists in the
'hard' sciences.

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