Raekhsva WriteUp

Raekhsva (509), although technically a water world, has many shallow
seas which provide useful foundations for the establishment of
low-tech artificial islands. These islands were constructed using local
materials in 1050. Little technological progress has been made since
then. Even the starport remains of a "bare bones" nature though this
may change. The native sentient race, the dubbed Raekhsvans by the
Vargr, have protested the aquatic refueling tactics of various
starships. Although subjugate to the Vargr, they are allowed to govern
themselves and, as such, can be considered the largest nation on this
balkanized world. The Raekhsvans are amphibious. Trade with the Vargr
has been mutually beneficial. Although they were only considered tech
level 2 when the Vargr first arrived, they have since acquired enough
knowledge from the Vargr to be treated as tech level 5.

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