Taknarkag WriteUp

Taknarkag (Gvurrdon 0630 B370467-A Ni De): This is a single city
planet, which by influence from Goerrg Rukh Lloell (Anti-Rukh
coalition), left the Rukh Aegz alliance. The entire population
resides in a city built only over the last 185 years, by the
design of the famous Vargr architect Voronol. Taknarkag was
reputed in the Rukh Aegz for it brilliant architectural design.
Even Humans have copied this city to an extent. Humans will
find the Trading Post bar and nightclub inviting, when this is
designed specially for humans in mind. More daring humans, or
humans which have experience with Vargr clientele and behavior
may use the Kornak Lounge.

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