Lusliki WriteUp

Lusliki (Vector/Amdukan 0639)
A87A886-B N Wa Cp 934
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Rukadukaz Repub.)

Lusliki is the old Vilani subsector capital and the current capital of the
Rukadukaz Republic. The nearly one billion people of the planet live in
suboceanic cities that are dug out of the rock of the sea floor, rather than
being built up as artificial structures as on other worlds. There are a few
small island chains in the only seismically active area of the planet; most
of the cities are as far away from them as possible.

The Imperial Division of the Menderes Corporations are headquartered here.
The majority of the Protectorate's trade with the Imperium (specifically,
with the Imperial Domain of Antares) goes through the Rukadukaz Republic,
making its economy one of the strongest in the Protectorate.

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