Garonne WriteUp

Garonne: Small, desert world in the Vanguard Reaches
(0912 D-120789-7), site of the ambush of an Imperial cruiser.
In 1042, the Vermillion Stance was sent on a long-range
mission to spinward, visiting Imperial client-states. A
scheduled stop at Garonne seemed insignificant. However,
Zhodani intelligence obtained a copy of the itinerary of the
60,000-ton cruiser, and at four minutes to midnight, a bold
takeover of the ship was begun.

Disguised Zhodani warbots were smuggled on board,
accompanied by leaders and warriors surgically altered to
prevent detection. These forces overpowered the marines
guarding the gunnery deck and running bridge on the
Vermillion Stance, and she was captured by the Zhodani.

On the surface of Garonne, a rare diplomatic summit
featured the presence of an Aslan envoy named Yeyakhoailais.
Imperial and Zhodani emissaries were also present. The daring
Zhodani planned a raid on the planet to complement their
actions in orbit. They enlisted the help of a group of rebels
from Garonne and kidnaped Yeyakhoailais.

An Aslan mercenary unit guarding the envoy, Aiekhaoa-
Ktyeu Astea'Ftei-Yarawoaui ("Stealers of Cowardly Souls"),
was greatly shamed by the kidnaping and vowed to liberate
their ambassador. A unit of Imperial Marines was sent to
accompany the Aslan to rescue the prisoner.

After a vicious firefight, the morale of the Zhodani and
their rebel allies was broken and they surrendered the
ambassador. Unfortunately, the Vermillion Stance was already
refueling to depart for a Zhodani naval base, and capture of
the Imperial cruiser was complete.

(reproduced by permission of the author, Chuck Kallenbach II)

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