Undim WriteUp


0914 C000343-A LO NI AS 514 IM K7 V M4 D

The whole population of the Undim Belt reside in the settlement of Olosquis
and work for UMT which houses its major research base here. The settlement
both tests new equipment and mines the belt for its many unusual elements.

Whilst UMT is the only employer the Government is run seperately though the
views of UMT do carry a great deal of weight.


Undim was originally the homeworld of the Malaach which were destroyed by the
Ancients. The planet was destroyed by a huge salvo of crust busters which led
to planetary core instability. The planet destroyed itself in the process.
The richness of the belt is a direct result of this. Because the system is so
lightly populated no discovery has yet been made of the many Malaach
artifacts that exist.

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