Esperanza WriteUp


New Home built a second interstellar spaceship in 4810 and
launched it toward Esparanza.

Esperanza was settled in 4940.

Located on the extreme spinward edge of the Clusters, Esperanza
is ruled by a well-entrenched non-charismatic dictatorship which
enforces an oppressive political structure. Its tentacles extend
to two vassal worlds: Wellington and St. Hilaire. Esperanzan
technology (at B) lags behind the other major worlds of the two

Two life-forms of potentially intelligent levels were present in
the Clusters when the colonists arrived. One, the Batwings of
Esperanza, has subsequently been identified as Droyne; they were
eradicated within two hundred years of their arrival, a process
Esperanzan historians are strangely reluctant to discuss.

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