Liishuga WriteUp

Liishuga 0931 D66388C-7 S Ri 200 Im K1

Tidally locked, half the world is a burning desert, the other half is
locked in perpetual icy night. A narrow band known as Twilight
provides ideal conditions for human habitation. Liishuga's satellite,
Robmuir, is a size 2 in extremely close orbit and its presence results
in shift in the zone back and forth in a regular pattern providing
periods of light and dark. An extensive ecology exists within the zone
and exotic variations in the less pleasant sunward and nightward zones.
Most of the planet live in a massive twilight metropolis known as
Heimdall. Expeditions to Sunward has revealed already smelted metals in
surface pools. Exploitation of these metals are the source of the
planet's wealth.

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