Abbavi WriteUp

Abbayi 0936 C682343-8 Lo Ni 804 Im K2 V M0 D

A cold, dismal world with a mean surface temperature of -74oc and a
gravity of 0.69g. Some heat is provided by the several active volcanoes
in the habitable zone and is primarily a mined-out world. Abbayi is
unique in that it has a settlement of several religions including
the Scanian's, Vargr Church of the Chosen Ones, The Church of the
Stellar Divinity and the Khaarkhi Cult who have established a centre
for religious discussion on the planet.


In 799 the Scanian's established a secret Psionics Institute on the
planet which has continued its training up to the present day. Only
unadapted Scanian's and Sanhedra Rab'ani who would not be missed are
tested and sent. Once trained they return to their communities and
teach the chosen how to become Sanheichiir.

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