Icenogle WriteUp

Icenogle A676538-E Ag Ni -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Icenogle is ruled by the Emporat-Ultima, an aristocratic body descended
from an engineering megacorps board of governors. The Emporat styles
itself as high nobles, but the size of the colony on Icenogle did not
satisfy the Emporat's aspirations so they ordered the conquest of
neighboring Nishikiori. They hold that world under tight control using
the advantages of the Emporat's higher technology, namely police robots.
Drawing the riches of Nishikiori to their own control, the Emporat is
now able to host fabulous balls and rich feasts to many of their own
subjects on Icenogle. Travellers may acquire tickets to these feasts
relatively easily, but should be conscious of the etiquette demanded
by the Emporat (namely subservient fawning) and be ready to perform
upon demand. The Emporat may not have the power to punish offworld
travellers upon a whim, but they are more than willing to dispatch a
small assassin robot (unmarked of course) to dispatch the unwelcome

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