Ushra WriteUp


1016 A625943-G N HI IN 933 IM M4 V

Ushra is the only tech level-16 Industrial world in Dagudashaag sector, and
so occupies an important position in the sector's economy. Interestingly, the
democratic nature of Ushra's government, has meant that TL16 technology has
reached the general population far sooner than might otherwise be expected
(the highest levels of technology are often monopolised by the military in
many systems). The standard of living enjoyed by the population is second to

Eden Orbital Naval Complex is a large facility devoted to shipbuilding and
repair of naval vessels. A great deal of development work is done at the
complex, directed towards the production of prototype TL-16 naval vessels.
Several successful designs have been produced so far, the largest of these
being the 40,000-ton strike cruiser Alexander Brayden.

Other research work is carried out at Naval installations elsewhere in the
system. Reports that the Navy has established an antimatter production and
containment facility insystem have been consistently denied.

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