Kaurga WriteUp


1118 D686411-4 S NI 601 IM M4 V M6 D

Kaurga is wholly-owned by the Kaurga Agroproduce Combine (usually known as
"KaurCorp"). The company was established in the last years of the Ziru Sirka,
with the purpose of producing furs and high-quality agroproducts for
off-world markets. With the onset of the Long Night, the population became
introverted, and lost much of its technology. With the pleasant conditions on
Kaurga, the inhabitants found that they were content with a lower level of

Although the planetary government retains its corporate nature, off-world
trading has only just resumed, and is still at a low level. Because of their
exclusive nature, Kaurgan products can command an extremely high price.

The Ushran government has expressed an interest in building class-B orbital
starport facilities around Kaurga, as the system forms a "gap" in the
Dagudashaag Main. The pressure for migration of population from Ushra to
Earth-like Kaurga has been growing, but KaurCorp has successfully resisted,
so far.

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