Kferrun WriteUp

Kferrun (Lumda/Mendan 1126)
B368002-9 J Lo Ni 104
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Unincorporated)

The Star Legion has placed an interdict on Kferrun, citing "security matters"
but providing no details. A formal inquiry has been undertaken; however,
little progress has resulted. It is known, however, that the planet boasted
a population of several millions, mostly Vargr, in the recent past;
suspicions have been aired that the planet was used as a testing ground for
biological warfare agents, possibly including those created by the Second
Empire of Gashikan as part of Project Wolvesbane. No evidence of these
suspicions has come to light; the Star Legion claims that these suspicions
have arisen because of improper coding of the UWP - there has been one
census since the interdict, and the Star Legion reported only that the planet
had a functioning society with a low law level (2) and minimum stellar
capability (TL9). Many conspiracy theorists, both Human and Vargr, point to
the entirely Human composition of the staff of the naval base (quite unusual
in the Protectorate) as evidence of the presence of the Wolvesbane diseases.

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