Adakhem WriteUp

Adakhem 1134 C434214-D Lo Ni 103 Im M5 V

The history of Adakhem is one of a rich Lanthanum strike back in the
first Imperium. Then the Long Night struck and the miners found
themselves stranded. Slowly they adapted to their new home and when the
Argian's conquered them they had reverted to a tribal tech 1 culture.
They were enslaved and brutally exploited. With the collapse of the
Empire the Adakhemian's placed severe restrictions on visitors to the
planet. It is only in the last 300 years that the deep lanthanum mines
were rediscovered but the Adakhemian's refused to allow exploitation.
Then all contact with Adakhem stopped and visitors to the planet
discovered only dead bodies of the weak and elderly. Of the younger
tribesmen nothing is known. The current theory is that the original
settlers had been dying out due to inbreeding and the younger tribesmen
decided to journey into the mountain regions to search for other tribes.
Extensive searches have revealed no clues and within the last hundred
years the planet has been sold to SUSAG who are currently stripmining
the lanthanum.

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