Lasiimshim WriteUp


1218 C221557-A NI PO 601 IM A5 III M1 D

Lasiimshim is notable for being the birthplace of Grand Admiral Ramon
Harosaka, better known as Ramon II, one of the Barrack Emperors during the
Civil War. Among the places of interest on the planet are the Sky-Dragon
reserves and Imperial War Museum. The centrepiece of the museum is Ramon's
flagship, the "Avenging Destiny", one of the few warships left from the Civil
war period. Other important displays include a holographic recreation of the
Second battle of Ushra where Ramon was killed, and the Pacification Campaigns
Centre, dedicated to the period when Dagudashaag was integrated into the
young Third Imperium. It should be noted that tourism is the planet's main
source of income and Ramon's story of meteoric rise from rags to riches its
only claim to fame.

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