Katris WriteUp


1220 C41047B-9 NI 602 IM M2 V M5 D

The Katris system would be largely uninteresting were it not for the fact
that a huge space battle occurred here during the Interstellar Wars era. The
battle was fought on the edge of the system, close to the star's Oort cloud.

Although no-one has been able to actually locate the site, lumps of wreckage
and even whole sections of ships occationally tumble into the system, taking
up a cometary orbit around the star. These are worth a fortune on the
collector's market and are highly prized by historians and archaeologists.
Oddly, all the wreckage recovered so far has been Vilani.


Much of the wreckage has been so badly damaged that it has been impossible
to actually state which race it belonged to. In addition, Solomani
wreckage brings a much higher price on the black market and so, the more
recognisable pieces have failed to find their way into public view having
been sold privately.

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