Hakukuk WriteUp


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Hakukuk was originally colonised by a breakaway sect of the Church of Forever
Sabbath. Of its original doctrines only two has survived, the Sacrament of
Blood Letting and the Touch of Sin. Faithful followers, known as the
"Chosen", believe that a person's sin flows in their blood. As an act of
repentance, and in order to seek forgiveness from Cruetha they are required
to give of their blood, usually about a bowlful, each sacrament.

This means that the "Chosen" will not allow blood transplants without
knowledge of its origins. The donor must be a member of the church and in
good standing, the donation must have been taken immediately after sacrament
and a Pastor must confirm these facts in writing. In reality, since most
faithful are already severely anaemic, few donate blood.

The Touch of Sin is the doctrine that all non-followers of the church are
unclean and can taint the faithful with their sin merely by being in their
presence. This has resulted in a caste system. Non-followers and visitors are
forbidden to enter into the presence of a "Chosen" except by undergoing
ritual cleansing which results in the loss of about a litre of blood. If the
cleansed then communicates (even by radio) or meets an unclean they are
required to undergo the full ritual once more.

This doctrine has resulted in an almost total trade embargo to and from the

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