Igzinghuell WriteUp

Igzinghuell (1316) is a world ruled by the Church of the Chosen Ones.
They've enjoyed the support of the people as they seem to truly have
the welfare of the people in mind. They reached TL 10 in 1109 and then
decided to spread the Word of the Church to others. Their first, and
only, conquest was Vifueks (1317) in 1115, which was renamed
Igzinghuellstoul. Pleased by their initial success, they set out to
take Lloedh (1217) in 1118. They were defeated by joint Lloedh and
Koenalor (1117) forces. This joint force went on to liberate Vifueks
and then humble Igzinghuell. The naval base was seriously damaged and
the world was bombed from orbit. Rather than finishing the job, the
Lloedh-Koenalor task force returned home. The humiliation angered the
Church but the High Priest decided that perhaps a path of peace was
more appropriate. His popularity has waned within the ranks of the
Akufar (the name of the body of high level clergy) who want revenge.
The High Priest was recently assassinated by a bomb explosion. The
Akufar are suspected of planting the bomb but they blame the attack on
terrorists backed by Lloedh and Koenalor. The newly appointed High
Priest avows revenge.

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