Sylva WriteUp

Sylva C47956A-C Ni -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Sylva is a puppet planet ruled by Landgrebe, under the excuse that Sylva
would be unable to protect itself from Icenogle, should that system
attempt to expand its realm of influence. Landgrebe claims that they
run democratic elections on Sylva, but unpopular conservative puppets of
Landgrebe win all such elections. There are occasional terrorist attacks
on the occupying forces of Landgrebe, usually by small groups like the
PRA (People's Republican Army) or CFS (Citizens for Free Sylva).

Travellers should be wary of possible attack, but really such incidents
are rare and almost always aimed at the Landgrebe military, not at
tourists. Among the sights of Sylva is the rising of the Raaqua, an
annual event where the 6 kg. Raaqua (a minor sentient race) ascends
to the upper atmosphere of Sylva to mate. In the last fifty years, the
Raaqua have been afflicted by a disease that eliminates gas production,
and their numbers have dwindled as they are unable to reach the heights
needed for successful breeding. The Raaqua Conservation League have now
had some success with building small plastic gas cylinders for use by
the Raaqua. The Raaqua take all this in stride, as they do not believe
that the universe truly exists, and that life is therefore merely a game.
Some Raaqua take positions on starships, where they serve as excellent
medics and fair engineer's assistants. They adapt easily to a zero-g
environment, where they shoot themselves along by a noisy expulsion of
gas, but their existentialism often wears upon human comrades and drives
Aslan shipmates into a homicidal rage. Since the Raaqua have no natural
weapons to speak off, their numbers diminish both in space and on their

Stats for Raaqua Player Characters
ST:1d6 DX:2d6+3 EN:1d6 IN:2d6 ED:1d6 SO:1d6

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