Argiluu WriteUp


1317 B68A997-C N Hi Wa 114 IM M8 II

The world of Argiluu is literally a "molten snowball": the crust, and much of
the mantle of this formerly icy outer gas giant satellite melted when its
primary star evolved off the main sequence. Argiluu's world-ocean is at least
60 kilometres deep, according to current estimates, its depths beyond the
range of the most advanced densitometers. Terraforming has converted the
original ammonia-water vapour atmosphere into a breathable nitrogen-oxygen

The world has no land-masses as such - major settlements are tunneled into
huge naturally-occuring rafts of foamed carbonaceous material known as
"tarballs". Valuable organic chemicals are extracted from the tar, and the
seawater is also rich in dissolved minerals.

Argiluu dervives from the Old High Vilani for "no sound ocean" - the
primitive sonar systems used in the earliest Vilani surveys produced no
returns in many areas of the world-ocean.


A number of tarballs were tunneled out by the Malaach to act as hives.
Their buoyancy has since deteriorated, and they now float at about 30km
depth, beyond the range of current densitometers. They are probably
unoccupied, but there could be a few eggs in cold storage...

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