Jekyll WriteUp


1320 A130458-F NI PO DE 624 IM M7 V M6 D

The name is taken from an ancient Terran novel 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde', given by the solomani who settled on this world. It is a story
of a doctor who uses drugs to change his personality to open up and
release his darker side. The analogy was drawn when the settlers first
experienced the wildly fluctuating climate. At the equator the summer
temperature switches from 65oC to -11oC between day and night. At the
same latitude the temperature changes between 65oC and -64oC from
summer to winter. There are more extreme fluctuations at higher
latitudes. This has kept colonisation to a minimum, but the world is
well served with a class A starport as Jekyll is an important
transport nexus within the subsector.

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