Serendip Belt WriteUp


C-Jammer eventually found and settled Serendip Belt in 4608.

During the Third Frontier War (5501), the Clusters were
inadvertently contacted by an Imperial strike cruiser (El Dorado)
which had misjumped as a result of battle damage. It sought help
(at Serendip Belt) and succeeded in repairing its jump drives;
through the use of auxiliary tanks, it then returned to the

In 5504, the Serendip Belt starship C-Breaker made its first

With the end of the war (5534), the Imperial Interstellar Scout
Service followed up on the Navy’s report and dispatched a survey
team to establish relations. Upon their arrival, they found that
the Serendips had already duplicated the jump drives they had
seen (and helped repair) and were themselves in the process of
establishing control over the entire cluster. The Survey team
carefully distributed jump drive technology to seven other
systems and helped reestablish a balance of power within the

The asteroid belt at Serendip is a rich storehouse of mineral
wealth; it is inhabited by independent merchants and miners under
a feudal technocracy form of government. The center of
government is still the C-Jammer. Serendip controls nearby
Gloire as an agricultural colony.

Serendip Belt took over Gloire by direct military conquest.

When one planet has grown too powerful, the others have allied to
bring pressure to stop it, as happened to Serendip Belt in 5542,
when it was forced to give up its control of Topas, Elysee, and

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