Ramanar WriteUp

Ramanar A643755-D Rs Po -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Though a poor planet, Ramanar is well worth the visit. Its people are
on the whole congenial, and the tainted atmosphere creates magnificent
sunsets. Even the Zil, a local minor race, contribute to the beauty of
the place. The Zil are a crystalline race that communicates by electrical
impulses. In effect, they are living computers, and as such communication
was easy to establish once researchers discovered the patterns of their
impulses. The Zil appear as furry yellow crystalline growths, something
like sulphur growths. Each individual zil only grows to 1-2 kg., but a
large field of the Zil is a beautiful sight, a brilliant yellow with
message sparks passing from one Zil to another each moment. The electrical
lifeforce of the Zil is derived from chemical reactions in their
underground roots. The local settlers have now established a firm trade
with the Zil for pure chemicals of the variety they crave (allowing them
to develop larger and more beautiful growth sites) in return for the Zil's
aid in computing solutions for both corporate clients and for the local
Solomani research station. In a pinch, the Zil are also able to take over
space traffic control at the starport.

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