Arlu WriteUp

Arlu 1339 AA8A520-D N Ni Wa 404 Im M3 V

Bwap colony specialising in crystal production. Most of the cities
(pods) are built upon floating island of a coral-like substance and a
symbiotic relationship has developed between the Bwap's and the island
ecology. The Bwap's provide fertiliser for the many plants that
intergrow in the coral and protection from the large ocean predators
that like top eat the island soft coral underside. In return the
ecology supplies food and protection for the inhabitants. Each city
dweller rubs itself in the islands sap thereby identifying themselves
to the various natural island defenses so they remain inert while they
pass through. Although each Bwap community is generally classed as a
"Religious Dictatorship" Arlu has been classified differently because
each city or pod sends a chosen representative to a common council who
then make all planetary decisions. In addition the planetary law level
refers to the openly accessable areas of the planet and not the
extremely high law levels of the pods which are off-limits to any but
those born there.

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