Tooma WriteUp

Tooma A255332-E Lo Ni -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Tooma is actually the homeworld of the Masuk-safor ("They who Pursue"),
a spacefaring race of 1,600 kg. carnivores (chasers). The "Masuk" are
water creatures, and can move only awkwardly on land. They can absorb
26 hits (8d6) before going unconscious and another 12 hits (3d6) before
death. They were able to achieve space travel on their own, but never
developed the jump drive. Once they joined the Confederation, they
gained the use of jump and have since settled on the few water worlds
in the Confederation not already claimed by Dolphins. The "Masuk"
are narrow blue cones centered around a jet propulsion system, with a ring
of five small manipulative arms arranged around the mouth/ramjet intake.
They attack by striking their prey, fastening on with their teeth, and
pulling the prey into their mouth with quick jets pressing into the
prey, doing 5d6 damage each round.

The first successful contact with the "Masuk" was made by a human martial
artist. The "Masuk" were impressed with his sparring demonstrations and
immediately converted to Buddhism, although they place more belief in the
legends of the Shaolin Temple than in the peaceful nature of Buddha. The
easiest way to pick a fight with a Masuk-safor cruiser is to question the
captain's religious beliefs or point out various discrepancies with the
established faith. Since their conversion, the "Masuk" have been more
systematic in their martial training.

The "Masuk" have contributed to Confederation technology with an array
of waterproof electronic systems, which have ironically been used to
aid the Dolphins. The Masuk-safor regard the Dolphins as unworthy
rivals who are buoyed up by human aid, and believe that Dolphins should
be replaced by the "Masuk" as the new allies for humans in the water.

The Masuk-safor decorate themselves with tattoos and cybernetic inlays.
When not hunting prey, they amuse themselves with underwater races and
other sporting events.

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