Hellas WriteUp


1416 A55567C-C AG NI 603 IM M3 V

Hellas was unpopulated until a survey by the Xenobiology unit
of the University of Ushra in 677 identified Fillaslopu as a
potential valuable food source. The success of the pilot farms ensured
the influx of prospective farmers who set about trying to tame the
frozen plains of Hellas.

The main city on Hellas, Kendricks-Alaal, developed round an atmospheric
terraforming tower which was built to remove a sulphur taint from the
atmosphere. The Tower was later decommissioned and stripped of the
terraforming machinery and refitted as a residential area. It also serves
as an atmospheric and environmental monitoring station, taking readings
from the immediate locale and receiving data from a series of remote
sensing sateliites.

The Aslani make up a small but significant percentage of the total population
(about 2%) on Hellas for it is estimated that this 2% hold approximatelly
22% of the total wealth.

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