Nafud WriteUp


1418 C430773-7 NA PO DE 114 IM K4 V M9 D

Nafud was colonised by several families or clans early in the start of the
Third Imperium. Nafudian society is migratory in that each "city" consists of
thousands of surface vehicles fitted with life support. These "cities" move
around in order to find and extract minerals from the sand. The waste
product, fine black sand is used throughout Ushra in electronic components
and in water filtration systems. There is intense competition between clans
and open warfare has been known to break out on a regular basis.

In 438 it was discovered that Nafud was home to a semi-intelligent species,
the Inchok. Since then the Miidian Desert regions have been isolated while
the IISS study the race.

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