Orphee WriteUp

"Orpheus" - a poet and lyre-player of Greek legend who tried to
free his wife Eurydice from the underworld by charming the god
Hades with his music (Webster's)

A potentially intelligent race, the Orpheides of Orphee, are an
herbivorous grazer species confined to their world of origin.
These grazers have achieved only rudimentary development,
approximating tech level 0, although their culture at that level
has proven of interest to academics throughout the Clusters. It
is expected that the Orpheides, with suitable protection from
interference, can achieve a technological civilization within a
few thousand years.

Orphee, although it does have a small human academic community,
has bee interdicted to trade and naval traffic by the Convention
of 5575 (Terran Reckoning), signed by all the worlds within the
Clusters. Occasional ships carrying supplies and researchers do
call on the system from time to time. The interdiction of Orphee
is the equivalent of a travel zone red within the Imperium.

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