Argi WriteUp

Argi 1431 A330ACC-F N Hi Na Po De 904 Im G0 V M1 D

Gas giant satellite. Argi has been extensively colonised with vast
underground city complexes (The interlinked cavern cities are
generally known as Pellucidar). The planet was originally colonised by
Vilani nobles during the First Imperium and retained much of their
technology during the period known as the Long Night. This gradually
evolved into the Aakhri Empire which perverted the Vilani caste system
into a slave-based economy. The Empire used its technology to enslave
much of Argi and Sapphyre subsectors. Over the centuries they became
utterly dependent on their slaves for every aspect of their life,
including military service. At the time of their collapse, the planetary
population was composed mainly of slaves ruled over by a small,
decadent master class. The revolt, when it occurred, was quick and
bloody. The few surviving Aakhri families were forbidden from ever
again owning property or position. Most modern day Argian's are
descendants of the freed slaves and the few remaining Aakhri are only
to be found in menial positions or acting as "Servicians" -
prostitutes. Aakhri can only leave Argi if they can each supply a MCr.
1 bond to "re-pay" the Argian people for their historical suffering.
Most Argian's (except Aakhri) wear silver torcs, encoded with their
clan, occupation and status using an eight band colour code, as a
reminder of their origins. Within fifty years of the Aakhri revolt the
Argian economy was on the edge of collapse. At this point several
clans of Solomani merchants (of Chinese descent) arrived and over the
next two hundred years revitalised the Argian economy until Argi has
become the largest manufacturer of technical equipment in the sector.
Today these Merchant Princes (Tai-pan) have become the official rulers
of Argi.

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