Lumnu WriteUp

Lumnu 1432 C568101-A S Lo Ni 711 Im K7 V

Prosperous colony during the First Imperium and Long Night the
population began to die of a mysterious plague in 366 which caused its
suffers to severely mutate. The planet was successfully quarantined. It
was eventually discovered that victims removed from the planet stopped
mutating (though they were unable to be cured) and no longer appeared
to be carriers of the plague. In 369 the decision was made to totally
evacuate the planet. Scientists are still unable to find a reason for
the Lumnuan plague though it would appear to be still active on the
surface. Today, various salvage companies risk the surface in full body
armour salvaging items from the old cities. A small trade port, known
as "Death and Glory", is the only permanent population on the surface.

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