HEASAIRLUI 1503 (B0703) UWP: A894AK9-E Hi In

Layaefui's corporate headquarters is located here. First formed during
the Imperium's Aslan Mission (circa 2812-2866 Aslan, 382-429 Imp.), this
corporation adapted the IISS's survey methods for it's own use. Since then,
Layaefui has expanded it's influence over most of the Hierate's rimward
border. Even with close ties to the Uiktawa, Iykyasea, and Faowaou clans,
other clans make use Layaefui's surveys to exploit and explore the rimward
Many starships used in Ftahtuak (Ustral Quadrant) were designed or
built at Heasairlui's shipyards. Representives of most of the major clans
can be found visiting or passing through the large starport. The large amount
of clan representives has given rise to a nickname of 'The Rim Conclave' for

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