Cimmeria WriteUp


1511 B110878-A NA 803 IM M0 V

A world almost tidally locked. It rotates once every 35 (std) days while the
world orbits its star, Crom, every 46.7 days. This results in the nights on
Cimmeria being extremely cold. The population, mostly composed of
Scandanavians, has remained within the original five settlements, each of
which has become an independant state. Because of politically motivated
aggression between the settlements conflict and war has become a permanent
feature of Cimmerian life. To prevent disaster befalling the settlements such
conflicts have become ritualised in style and are fought on Sonya, one of the
outer worlds, to prevent civilian casualties. These wars are holovised and
the winning "teams", volunteers all, are treated as local celebrities.

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