Adele WriteUp


1516 E676559-A AG NI 104 IM M6 III M2 V M6 V

Adele is one of the important agricultural exporters of Ushra.
The most productive areas are the temperate latitudes: inbetween the
large desert equatorial regions and the transient polar ice-caps.

Another potentially rich agricultural world lies deep within the
Adele system. Miagrathe orbits at 0.4 AUs around the tight pair of
M-class stars that are the far companions of the central star, Agran.
Miagrathe (Y556000-0) has yet to be extensively surveyed despite the
attentions of the IISS looking for suitable worlds with colonisation
potential. Recent speculation that Sternmetal have made overtures to
the subsector government for the purchase of Miagrathe has sent a
number of hopefuls off to the planet in search of valuable ores.

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