Miir WriteUp

Miir 1534 A65A687-F Ni Wa 224 Im M3 V M5 VI

A Bwap/Scanian colony, the planet is extremely rich in aquaculture. The
Government is an adaptation of the Bwap model and is extremely
frustrating for visiting humans. There is currently much debate as to
the status of one of the local lifeforms, the seal-like Gaarkh. The
creatures are extremely violent, possibly psychopathic, and all
peaceful attempts to try and prevent their migrational, suicidal
attacks on the cities have failed. A recent attack apparently showed
the Gaarkh using primitive clubs for the first recorded time and the
local Scanian Sanhedra wishes to call in the Scout service to re-
evaluate their status. This course has been rejected by the Bwap
Government who appear willing to force the race into extinction.


The Gaarkh are not an intelligent species, merely tool using. Clubs are
only used for hunting, not migration. (Those Gaarkh seen with clubs were
on a hunt prior to attempting their seasonal migration, which leads
them directly through the Scanian/Bwap cities.) Only the deep jungle
hunters are aware that Gaarkh have always used clubs, but they have
never felt the need to report it.

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