Hihlas WriteUp

World: Hihlas

Like many independent worlds in Reavers' Deep, Hihlas has an economy
dependent on a single product. Fickleweed, a migratory plant used for
perfumes and in the production of aquapur, a local liqueur known and
prized throughout the sector is this world's sole export. Over 90% of
the population lives in mobile grav homes imported from Soloman. The
current hostilities between Dalbei and the Solomani Confederation is
causing a depression on Hihlas, corcing the population to settle down
and convert to more appropriate cash crops.

Subsector: Eakoi
Sector: Reavers' Deep
Coordinates: 1537 (N0707)
UWP: C674504-8

Starport: Routine
Size: Medium (8800-10400 km)
Atmosphere: Standard, tainted
Hydrographics: 40% water
Population: 700,000
Govt: No government
Law Level: Moderate
Technology: Pre-Stellar
Planetoid Belts: 2
Gas Giants: 3

Allegiance: Non-Aligned
Bases: None
Trade Codes: Ag Ni
Travel Zone: Green

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