Muukhim WriteUp

Muukhim 1538 D97A400-A S Ni Wa 923 Im K4 V M9 D

Originally established as a penal planet, the descendants have adapted
to the extremely high oxygen content and have gone on to establish
various colonies throughout the sector. In -603 the planet was
quarantined after a large segment of the population began to exhibit
advanced stages of psychopathic behaviour. This was subsequently
discovered to be the result of a plant spore which fills the air for a
period of about ten days every local year. The cities are now
established beneath vast sealed units with blowers at each entrance to
prevent the spores from entering the cities. The planet is no longer
used as a penal settlement and the spore is used in the manufacture of
combat drugs. The planet has Amber status during the spore season and
visitors are reminded of the non-existent law level and potential
dangers involved in visiting the planet.

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