Soloman WriteUp

World: Soloman

Imperial client state. When the Imperium pulled out their ships in 1119
Soloman took over the base facilities and were allowed to keep a few small
warships. They immediately started on an ambitious ship-building program in
an attempt to avert the recession. In 1123 they got into a short war with
the Carter Technocracy over trade concessions with Himalaya and were subject
to a nuclear bombardment that destroyed the starport and killed almost
400,000,000 in the bombardment and almost as many in the aftermath.

Subsector: Eakoi
Sector: Reavers' Deep
Coordinates: 1538 (N0708)
UWP: B897A97-B

Starport: Good
Size: Large (12000-13600 km)
Atmosphere: Dense, tainted
Hydrographics: 70% water
Population: 30 billion
Govt: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: Moderate
Technology: Average Stellar
Planetoid Belts: 0
Gas Giants: 2

Allegiance: Client State of Imp.
Bases: Navy
Trade Codes: Hi In
Travel Zone: Green

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