Lemuria WriteUp


1612 D68948A-9 S NI 103 IM M1 V M7 VI M3 D

This world has been settled since the first vilani explorations of
Dagudashaag. Although outwardly idyllic Lemuria has resisted attempts
at extensive colonisation due to large number of differing microscopic
pathogens which have an alarming predaliction for the vilani. The
world on a number of occasions has been quarantined with access
strictly controlled. There have been six colonisation expeditions, the
most recent in 642, and all have met the same fate - extinction. The
most common causes of death are respiratory and circulatory distress
although the further removed from the vilani race the more resistant
individuals are against these diseases. The current population
comprises IISS scientists and technicians from the service's medical
branch investigating the problem. It is believed that the IISS have
now developed a range of vaccines to allow future, safe colonisation

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