Nguma WriteUp


1613 A9E3546-F NI FL 422 IM M1 V M7 V

Nguma is a large unusual world which exhibits a large orbital
eccentricity due to the gravitational effect of the central star's
companion. The dense atmosphere is ellipsoid with a variation of two
atmospheres between the less dense polar regions and the equator.
There is free-standing water only in the higher latitudes during the
'winter' or the high altitudes of the polar regions during the short
but intense summers. Much of the equatorial regions remain unexplored.

This inhospitable world has become an important juncture with ships
passing into the heart of Ushra from Arnakhish subsector only because
of the medically hostile nature of Lemuria. The class A starport is an
orbital facility with a subsidiary class C port on the surface.

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